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DMR Vault Pedals


Flat pedals have been used by some of the highest profile DH racers in the world.  With the likes of Rob Warner, Nathan Rennie, Chris Kovarik, Sam Hill, Sam Blenkinsop, and Brendan Fairclough to name but a few of the pros who choose flats over clips. It is no wonder then that the flat pedal is as popular as ever with big names like these pushing for ever better places to plant their feet.

DMR have long been a firm favourite of the flat pedal afficiandos, having previously produced the, hugely successful and much copied, V8 and V12 pedals.  Personally I have ridden both the V12 and V8 and loved them for their tenacious levels of grip and was keen to see if DMR had continued to produce flats of the highest quality.

I have not been disappointed. As soon as I took the Vaults out of the box and turned them on their new super smooth DU bush and cartridge bearing combo, and felt the weight reduction over the previous V12, I was itching to try them out.

The shape of the Vault is a lot thinner than that of its' predecessors; this helps to give you better ground clearance from things like rocks that like to damage your pedals and your speed. They are also quite a big platform giving lots of room for those who like to shuffle their foot about or change their foot placement. The pedal has no pins placed in the centre and this coupled with the fact that they are slightly concave means that your feet feel like they're stepping into this pedal rather than bouncing around on top of it.

As with DMR's previous offerings the pins are removable, replaceable and you can get even longer pins if this pedal is somehow not grippy enough for you.

I have to say that these pedals are incredible. Whenever anyone asks me about which pedals to choose I will rave on at them about these pedals. These pedals coupled with a pair of Five Tens makes for a combo that is so planted it almost feels like you are clipped in (obviously until you pull up that is). I have lost count of the number of times that I have poorly placed my foot, just hanging off the side and yet somehow they still hold on tight! Obviously if you were to ever slip off these they would make a lovely mess of your shins but I have never had that problem with these pedals.

These pedals are reasonably light, they are stiff, they are perfectly shaped and run smooth as butter. They are also by no means the most expensive pedal out there either. If you are looking for a pair of quality flat pedals, buy these. They even do a Brendan Fairclough signature model. I highly recommend these pedals.

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